The more I accomplish, the more people I meet… the more simple success is to see.

Didn’t say fast or easy. “Simple.”

Or, at least, not complicated. Do what you know is right, and stick to it. That’s it.

Make those hard decisions that take a long time to complete. Ignore everything “easy.”

❌ Short term cheap/easy = long term disadvantage.

Every single person I know that’s on top embraces delayed gratification. They never looked for short cuts. Ignoring time and holding better days in mind, they embraced the suckness and did what was right with little concern to how long that meant they were committing to.

The further ahead I get the bigger the gap comes between me and past doubters. Not only because I haven’t stopped forging ahead, but because their past “quick wins” (cheap/easy answers) caught up to them.

Ignoring time, commit to what’s right, not fast. Winners win.

Damon Burton

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