The fifth of July holds a special day for us workaholics. It’s National Workaholics Day or simply “Workaholics Day.” This day puts workaholics in the spotlight – encouraging them to take a break and relax. Funny that a sarcastic holiday of sorts is what it takes to get workaholics to recognize that they need some downtime, right?

Success behind workaholics

A workaholic, by definition, is a person addicted to working. Although dedication is an astonishing trait, a healthy work-life balance is important in a person’s life. In recognition of Workaholics Day, let’s skip potential downsides to being a workaholic. Instead, I’ll throw in some encouragement for the hungry entrepreneur readers. There are plenty of reasons why workaholics should be proud of having a healthy love for work.

With the exception of family, my work is #1. My workaholic attitude led to the inception and success of my two main businesses, SEO National and Utah Sites. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. And for all that I’ve accomplished, none of it would have happened without the 4 am mornings or all-nighters that come with being a workaholic.

SEO National

SEO National is a search engine optimization company in Utah. This company caters to effective search engine optimization solutions with a refreshingly personal approach to communicating. Services include on-page website optimization, brand building, competitive analysis, press releases, and overall secure campaign management.

SEO National has found great success through transparency. The SEO industry gets a bad reputation because of a few bad apples. While some may be more deserving of a bad reputation, not all SEO companies are the bad guys. By being honest about what you offer (or don’t offer) and having justifiable prices (get what you’re worth while charging what your services are worth, too) you and your customers will be happy.

Utah Sites

Utah Sites is a web design company between Ogden and Salt Lake City. While we’re headquartered in Layton, Utah Sites caters to various businesses across the country in need of web design services. Our web design team is composed of creative individuals who are masters of web design concepts. My goal with Utah Sites is to offer affordable but effective websites for small to medium businesses that are search engine friendly and responsive.

Why two companies? While I started designing websites way back in 1998, I’ve found that my passion has evolved over the years more towards the marketing side. Website design is still a great passion, SEO is just a greater passion.

I offer the two companies so that I can pursue the growth of them individually. I feel that Utah Sites should remain a local web design company in Utah while SEO National should be a national SEO company. Starting one business takes a dream. Starting two and successfully sustaining them takes a workaholic.