Stop focusing your search engine marketing on words that have the most search volume. Unless you like wasting money.

Instead, focus on buyer intent.

Do you want to rank higher a lot of things, or make money on specific things?

Chuck vanity metrics out the window. That’s why Ahrefs, SEMrush and tools like that suck.

Kidding, they’re rad, but too many people use them wrong. They’re like, “Wow, I rank for 9,287 things!” So what, when only 10 of them drive sales.

So you’re attracting the right buyers, not just large traffic.

Example: Last thing I want to rank for is “SEO.”

SEO what?

  • learn SEO (not a good agency lead)
  • buy SEO links (not a good agency lead)
  • SEO meaning (not a good agency lead)

✅ “hire an SEO agency”

Implies intent.

If you compare the search volume of “hire an SEO agency” vs “SEO,” the later has way more. But you won’t make any money. You’d actually lose money when you factor in the amount of time wasted to rank it + the on-going waste of time on the phone and replying to emails with unqualified leads.

Better buyer intent helps people stick longer and convert better = more money in your pocket.