Turned down a well connected, eight figure entrepreneur as a client. Someone that knows…

  • Zuckerberg
  • Disney’s CEO
  • Steve Wozniak
  • US Presidents

The person that wanted to send the intro asked if I’d be interested… until they said this person will only text to your personal cell phone, refuses to ever email, and is high maintenance “but worth it.”

Err, I declined the intro. Fast.

Stop Saying Yes to High Maintenance Clients

I don’t give my cell to anyone but friends and family. Doesn’t mean I’m right or wrong, nor was this lead with their preferences. Live your life by design, but talk about red flags. 🚩

I work with big companies that want big results with their SEO. But there’s no correlation between me or my team being available 24/7 and producing results.

Constant availability does not equal results.

Results = results.

I don’t care how big the contract is… if someone is blowing you up on your personal phone in the middle of the night, you’re going to lose interest fast, and stop caring/performing at your best level, which is no benefit to them or you.

There may be an opportunity cost to not getting connected by proxy to those other people.  But, another lesson I’ve learned, is toxic people attract other toxic people.  So I didn’t miss a thing.

Stop feeling guilty about healthy boundaries. Sticking to what’s right for you is a win for you and your customers.

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