Unless it’s a 90% discount or you’re including a free unicorn, you won’t get anyone’s attention.  Here’s why.

Everyone likes to buy, but no one likes to be sold to.

Imagine walking around a store and suddenly 10 strangers shove 75″ smart TVs down your throat to transform your life. Hurry. Limited quantities.  You’re overwhelmed and shuffle away, when another batch of 10 strangers shove a memory foam mattress at you to transform your life.  And that’s when you completely abandon that store for the rest of your life.

New friend request on social media from someone in a relevant industry, or maybe with a mutual friend? Sure, why not?  Five minutes later you are bombard with 10 reasons that they’re the best ,and to buy from them right now so they can transform your life.

Isn’t this wonderful? Everyone wants to help you transform your life!  Hurry, because they also have only two spots left. One is just for you, because you’re special and they really like you (even though you just met).

I’ve made more connections, built more relationships, and done more business by NOT selling. I even tell new connections straight up in the first line of my message, “Not looking to pitch you anything.” And in the last line I even tell them “That’s a wrap” and that I’m not going to message them any more unless there’s something that they’d like me to help them with.

social media sales pitches

Did you like the 10 TV’s in your face?


Do you like instant online sales vomits?


So why would anyone else?