Social Media Truths

Social media is kind enough to show us (lie about) fancy cars, huge houses, and unrealistic lifestyles.

Images of “overnight success” and strategies to get rich quick. But the two things that social media DOESN’T show us are equally important.

1 – Most of the flashy images on social media are highlight reels.

Social media doesn’t tell you that most fancy houses are really VRBO properties from a weekend vacation. And most fancy cars are a random stranger’s that the poster walked by and saw in a parking lot.

Social Media Truths

2 – The people that truly are successful… social media didn’t share their story of how they got there.

People rarely show the nights from 10 years ago (because that’s about how long true “overnight success” takes) of them hustling at 2 am, tired, 😴baggy eyes, eating ramen noodles and crappy fast food, and taking big risks. Who wants to share those desperate looking pictures?

You either see the big lies from #1 or you see the results of years 1-9 displayed in pictures as a highlight reel of years 10+.

If you’re chasing a dream, keep your head down and eyes on the prize. #1 pics won’t help you, and the #2 pics to inspire you are rarely available. Be your own realistic inspiration.

Successful people are just normal people that didn’t get distracted and didn’t give up.