Company culture is the totality of behaviors and beliefs that determine how management and employees interact and handle business transactions. It is not expressly designed. Rather, it develops over time through the cumulative traits of the employees that the company hires.

Simplify Your Company Culture

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Many company executives try to improve the company culture by opening themselves up to their employees. They share their authentic selves in order to build trust. Although people value their privacy, many executives are willing to be more transparent to build a strong rapport with their employees.

Sometimes, because of the interaction of many unique players, company culture can become more complex than it needs to be. A simplified culture aims to create the most value and engagement for everybody, while not requiring more energy than is needed. It eliminates any superfluous practices and ideas that could convolute the company’s main mission.

If you’re looking to streamline your company culture, consider the following ideas:

  • Get senior executives aligned and committed to the cause – Company executives need to be committed to the idea that ease of use and effort can greatly impact the company’s return on investment. The company must share a common goal of improving not only the company, but also people’s lives in general. Having a common goal as the basis of all business decisions will unite both the executives and employees.
  • Commit mid-level managers to prioritize simplicity – Help the managers that deal directly with employees and customers to understand the importance of simplifying and communicating the company’s goals. Mid-level managers are critical, as they act as the bridge between upper management and workers.
  • Communicate efficiently – Examine the way you communicate to see if you can save time and resources by talking directly to each other. Many areas of a company can be simplified by talking directly to each other versus excessive corporate handbooks, guidelines, and unnecessary meetings. Act human.
  • Hire the right people – Make sure you hire people that embrace the culture that you want to spread.

Simplification of company culture does not happen overnight, but small steps can go a long way in facilitating vital changes.