SEO rocks

$22,500 in = $245,884. These end of year marketing meetings are absolutely insane.

SEO rocks

increase SEO sales

Organic traffic is up +93,125 over same time last year for this client. 167% increase in visitors in just 9 months.

SEO rocks

increase organic traffic

They weren’t properly tracking Analytics before starting SEO, so that’s why there’s a bit of a variation in months tracked above.  So we properly set up their analytics to track commerce when this new client started in April.

They pay $2500 a month for search engine optimization.

$2500 x 9 months = $22,500 to generate $245,884 in sales, a difference of $164,015 over the same time last year..

Zero paid ads. All organic.

SEO isn’t an expense. Do it right and it’s an investment that pays for itself.