That sucks. They lost $1,554,521.31 every year for the last few years.

Years ago I had a retail client. Within a year of doing SEO for them their average monthly revenue increased 240%.

Then they quit on me. It was a shock. 😐

Think about the time and effort we put into building their online reputation and credibility. Turned off over night.

They hired a new marketing manager. I call it “New Sheriff Syndrome.”

The new person comes in guns-a-blazin’. Changing up processes. Kickin’ ass and taking names.

At least that’s what they think they’re doing. 🤠

Here’s what I’ve learned with every new sheriff. They’re really Leonardo DiCaprio. They just started sinking their own ship.

How do I know?

I had another retail client at the same time, years ago. But they stuck around. They knew SEO was a long-play and they didn’t leave.

Their organic traffic increased by 2,154%.

And now they average $1,915,172.31 annually.

The old client that left? They’ve come back looking for help because they’re still stuck at $360,651 annually in online sales.

A difference of $1,554,521.31.

If there was ever a race between tortoise and hare, SEO is the slow and steady tortoise that always pays off big if you have a strategy and patience. 🏁🐢🏁

SEO requires patience

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