Two things in me and Hottie’s master bathroom we never wipe off, no matter how many times the mirror gets cleaned:

  1. “I ❤️ me” sticker

I love me

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Bought one for each of my kids’ bathroom mirrors. Figured, why not for me and Hottie, too?

You can’t just say “Be confident” to your kids. They don’t pick up words. They catch on to consistencies.

So I’m always planting seeds of the importance of self love by normalizing messages of confidence weaved throughout the house, like the “Don’t be average, be awesome sticker” they see every morning when they leave to and return from school.

don't be average, be awesome

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Combined that with “Make it Happen.” It’s one thing to say you will do big things. It’s another to make it actually happen. Both are needed.

Now, between Aleah Burton and I always sharing gestures and words of affection, and support by example, these other little reminders continue to emphasize them.

  1. “I ❤️ U” she wrote in lipstick

I love you

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Bet that’s coming up on being there nearly a year.  No wild, motivational angle behind that. It’s just appreciated, titch of hotness, and I love her back

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