There will always be cheaper options. Do you want cheaper solutions or BETTER solutions?  Do you want cheap marketing or GOOD marketing?

I’m not the cheapest SEO option, but my team is among the better solutions.  The client in the attached screenshot has grown their average visitor count from 200/day to 400. Now 400 to 600.

SEO host

  • The 200 > 400 came as a result of updating the website backend and adding content translations into multiple languages.
  • The 400 > 600 came as a result of… believe this?… just changing hosts.

The last host was “okay.” They weren’t bad, but they certainly weren’t good. After testing a few ways to improve the page speed, it was clear that the host was the problem. We exhausted every solution in our bag of tricks, but we hit a ceiling.

We were able to show clear reasons for the client to consider upgrading hosts that cost more. Nothing that would break the bank, but jumping from $5/month for a normal host to $30-40/month is a jump, relatively speaking.

Now, dramatically quicker page speed = better visitor experience = better Google love = more traffic = more leads/sales = justified expense.

Tell me an extra $20 isn’t worth an extra 6000 organic visitors per month.

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