Here goes my first ever religious AND political post. But not for the reasons you’d expect.

Launched a new website this morning called “Civic Friendship.”

religion and politics

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Two reasons that I’m proud of this website.

  1. This is the first website that my team has built start to finish for a client… WITHOUT ME.

I usually touch base a few times for quality control, but I’ve hired new leads to start replacing myself in top-level decision making so I can focus on overall company growth and strategizing.

  1. Society is, unfortunately, more polarized now than ever. At least it seems that way. Doubly a bummer considering a global meltdown is a time we should all be coming together.

“Different religious and ethical perspectives all point to friendship embodying compassion, integrity, honesty, and caring for human fellowship.”

Makes me even more proud to see people that go out of their way to forge new paths towards peace by highlighting the beauty in diversity.  The key is to educate, not shove it down others’ throats.

“The only way to build a peaceful community is to build men and women who are lovers and makers of peace.”

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