September is Self Improvement Month and a great chance for entrepreneurs to take stock of how they can augment their personal and business development. Consider these ideas for improvement:


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  • Keep the vision – Both success and failure may sidetrack the entrepreneur, but keeping the original vision in mind can help keep you on course. Consider writing down your vision statement for your business to help keep you on target through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.
  • Be patient and persevering – Owning a business can provide greater freedom and limitless possibilities, but along with that, you have to deal with plenty of vicissitudes. Remember that success doesn’t come over night, but also that most people who stick doggedly to their goal end up achieving it. Don’t let setbacks get you down. Remain patient and stick to your goals.
  • Draw up a business plan –A business plan is a blueprint for the success of your business. Without a plan, you’re likely to take the long road to success. Map out incremental and long-range goals. Remember to build in a bit of flexibility, though. Even the best-laid plans may have to be adjusted for unforeseen conditions.
  • Get help – Doubtless, there are areas where you may feel like an expert, but that doesn’t mean you have to know everything. There will always be some tasks that you can effectively handle by yourself and some tasks that need to be delegated to people with other areas of expertise. Don’t be afraid to draw on other people’s strengths.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel – Don’t be so dogged about doing everything on your own that you miss out on helpful resources. If there’s an application or process that would make your life easier, incorporate it. Why not build off of the success of other?

The life of an entrepreneur is both challenging and rewarding. Business schools can teach principles, but the most valuable experience is often gained in the trenches. Devote September to deciding on a few ways to improve your strategies and yourself for the work ahead.

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