Good news? Yes.

Going to last forever? No.

For the first time in forever, a decade will pass without the country falling into a recession.  While the welfare of the middle class opens up a whole other discussion, after 170’ish years, we are wrapping up a decade with an economy that is not about to tank.  Well, “about to” is debatable.  A recession is guaranteed. Whether it’s in two months or two years remains to be seen.

Are you going to start your dream now, when things are a bit better?  If it’s hard now, starting against an uphill battle of a recession won’t be easier. Or maybe you already started your dream business, but want to grow it? Are you going to throw money at paid ads when your budget is tight and your customers’ even tighter?

Instead, why not start building a reputation? Invest in yourself.  Reputations attract sales… for free.  Write, blog, take pics. Share your expertise. All of that costs you nothing but a few minutes here and there.

Don’t get me wrong. Amazon has amazing opportunities, and paid ads have their time and place, if you have cash flow. But what are you going to do when your customers are pinching pennies?  Hello, skyrocketing cost-per-acquisition!

Big brands are leaving Facebook and Amazon left and right.  Nike is just one of the latest examples.

The answer to saving costs while maximizing reach is simple. Instead of spending money on something fleeting, use your patience instead.

“But, but…”

But, nothing. Here’s my own testimony.  I started SEO National in 2007. And we all know what happened in 2008.


I walked right into a recession when I started this #SEO company. And guess what? It was some of the largest growth years SEO National has seen.  Why?  Because when the economy is down, trust is up.  Your customers want to do business with whom they trust. Someone whose content they read. Whose pics they see. Someone they feel like they know. Someone that speaks to them transparently.

Your website is that recession-proof medium to speak to them.  And if optimizing your website can bring you business during an economic crash, then what more when economy is going well?

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Reuters/Carlos Barria (Trump), Larry Downing (Obama)

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