I posted the other day that, at just seven years old, my son decided to start a sticker business.

I’ve been holding this in for a few weeks, but want to say “thank you” to his awesome first customer now that her stickers arrived.

I know it’s little, Eileen Wilder, but one day he’ll look back and it will be big to him. Thanks for supporting him.

Py's Stickers first customer

[click to enlarge]

He included a handwritten “thank you” card and everything. I couldn’t be more proud.

He even started acting classes this week and asked me and hottie, “I don’t know if I want to do acting, because what if my sticker business blows up? Can I act and do a business at the same time?” … wanting to prioritize his sticker business.

Made sure to print an extra sticker and frame his first dollar as an entrepreneur.

Pys Stickers

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