I had the pleasure of speaking at the PROSPER Show 2016 this week.  What a great experience.

Damon Burton SEO

PROSPER Show speaking

For a first year conference, the organizers, Joseph Hansen and James Thomson, did a spectacular job.

  • the show was well organized
  • booths were laid out nicely
  • agenda was diverse
  • speakers were insightful

The panel that I spoke on was SEO & Social Media as They Relate to Your Amazon Business.

Waiting for your products to surface on Amazon may be a slow process. How can you manage SEO and social media tools to your advantage to drive traffic to your products, whether on your own website, on Amazon or some other channel? Learn from industry experts who have made their careers helping sellers take efficient paths to better product visibility.


Dave Karlsven offered great insights into improving Amazon tracking and benefits of using affiliate links on your own products to get competitive analysis.  John Lawson offered clear-cut answer to cutting the fluff with Amazon and how to get results.

After I spoke on how to compliment your Amazon business with “traditional” SEO or website optimization to overlap your Amazon business, I had great follow up questions from the crowd.  I enjoyed speaking with more than a dozen listeners one-on-one directly after the panel discussion ended.  Thank you all for the opportunity to talk with you.

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