Around others in business cliques, I often get the feeling that half of them hate me. I think I figured it out though.

Maybe not “hate,” but I certainly don’t feel welcome.

One moment we’re chatting amongst a mutual friend. But once that mutual contact is gone they avoid eye contact at all costs.

One moment they’re telling me “X would be awesome,” next they’re ignoring X. Then when we see each other again, without me even mentioning, they guiltily say, “oh, I forgot to get back, didn’t I?” Because they know they did it intentionally.


  • Transparency and truth is intimidating.
  • I have no insecurities about who I am.
  • I have no skeletons in my closet.

I’m ethically strong in business and morally stronger as a person. That scares them.

Many of them crush it. They’re infinitely more successful than I am. What I do in a year, they do in a month… sometimes even in a day. But they’re cashing checks in ways that keeps them up at night.

They’re hollow inside. And they know that I know.

All the more reason I’m proud of my chosen path. I can sleep at night. I’m loyal to my clients, proudly devoted to my wife, and take pride in the examples I set for my kids.

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