This little dude was sitting next to us at last night’s soccer game. He saw my kids’ Miami memorabilia chains and asked now much they were. I joked, “cost my left arm…”

The kid was too young to get the joke, and his mom looked confused.

The kid then repeated “No, how much were they?”

Then I realized his mom didn’t speak English so I told him $45. When he translated, both of their eyes were like “holy 💩!”

Right after that, my wife walked down to grab something. Told her to pick up another chain while she was down there. She looked confused since all of our kids already had one. Told her what just happened and wanted to surprise the kid.

While she was gone, the kid and his mom moved seats. Was afraid we’d lose sight of them.

Luckily, they moved just a few rows.

Wife came back with chain in hand. My son really wanted to be the one to gift the kid so I let him walk it down and surprise him.

Best heartfelt, gushing smile thumbs up ever.

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Then at half time he came up, gave me a high five and couldn’t say thanks enough.

Inter Miami branding

Not sure whose smile was bigger… my new little friend, or his mom beaming over seeing her son glowing?

Planting seeds of positivity when the opportunities come up. Especially with youth.  Those moments can change the trajectory of a kid’s life, which they came take into adulthood and change entire family lineages.

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