This SEO client paid to destroy their website and tank their traffic.

New client’s website had over 40,000 broken links, images, or dead pages that the team just updated me about that we finished cleaning up.

organic traffic tanked

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Took three months of manual labor.  Threeeee months.

What’s crazier, the site is brand new.  They paid another agency tens of thousands of dollars just a few months ago to redesign it, and traffic tanked right after going live.They effectively paid someone to break their site, ruining years of credibility they had built by rolling out a new design with so many problems. Then had to pay to get it cleaned up.

The design is such a small part of websites. Probably the smallest.  More important?

  • content
  • usability
  • structure
  • messaging
  • call-to-action

You can have the prettiest site on the planet, but if it’s duct-taped together on the backend, Google isn’t going to recommend anyone to it if it makes them look bad by sending visitors to a dead end.

Want more organic traffic? Make Google look good.

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