Who wants to know how you get a full page of results about your business or yourself like this?

Damon Burton page one Google

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What’s crazy is it’s not even really a secret. It’s a strategy that Google ENDORSES…

They want people to add this to their website, because it helps search engines better understand your product and why you’re awesome.

But so few people add it, yet…

  • ✅ one strategy consistently delivers
  • ✅ done one time to your site
  • ✅ and it’s one word called…
  • 🏆 Schema

I gave a sneak peek into some of this strategy in a last minute masterclass last week. We ended up going 3 HOURS deep, and already got some video testimonials from it.

So I’m doing a one hour follow-up masterclass on the part that was most impactful for your website, yet easiest to add. Going live tomorrow:

  • 8 am Eastern
  • 9 am Mountain
  • 10 am Central
  • 11 am Eastern

Join me: https://www.live.capsho.com/seo?via=damon

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