People have SEO backwards. It’s easier than paid ads.  What’s more wild, is how many sales are being left on the table.

“But with how Google keeps changing results, isn’t it getting harder to be seen?”  Total opposite.  And, people that disagree don’t know SEO.

About all those different results that you’re “fighting” against with SEO?

  • rich snippets
  • image results
  • video results
  • “People Also Asked” (FAQ) answers
  • Knowledge Panel

… and now, AI results

Guess what… can’t pay for those. Those are all influenced by organic.

So while everyone is spewing marketing sewage out their mouth, the truth is that there are now MORE organic ways to be seen from SEO than ever.

Yes, there is truth that it often takes longer than paid ads to kick in. And that’s probably why so few people actually know what they’re talking about… because everyone is too impatient.

Meanwhile, that delayed gratification could be your secret weapon to crushing it.

Check out the attached screenshot of 7 types of search results.  Only one of them is paid. The rest are all organic (Bonus +1 for AI results, also influenced by organic).

organic traffic

[click to enlarge]

Look at the click through rates, specifically ad results.  Sure, ads show at the top…

Customers get what’s called “banner blindness.” They know it’s an ad and skip over it.  At best you’re getting 2% of the action paying for ads, while organic holds the other 98%.

Not your fault that you’ve been tricked. Big tech has a big budget and spits big game. Of course they want you to think that paid ads are the way.

Organic not only has more reach than paid ads, but it generally converts better, because people have an intent when they search for something to solve their problem or pain point.

And that thing is what you sell.

Make America Organic Again 🇺🇸

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