Who cares about how many likes or listens you get.  Only ONE matters. The one that connects.

Over the last year I’ve been exploring different ways to communicate with others.

✅ podcasts
✅ guest posting on other sites
✅ social media

It’s been great to meet others that I wouldn’t meet otherwise. To hear and exchange stories.  But I wouldn’t be sharing the whole story if I didn’t also mention that it can be exhausting.

Since this form of connecting with others is digital you often get no feedback. Hours per week sharing and discussing vulnerable details with little to no feedback.

  • Talking for an hour on someone’s podcast, multiplied by several podcasts per month.
  • Spending 3 hours writing a blog post.

I know people are listening but we’re all, understandably, all so busy that once people read/listen they’re on to the next swipe.  Some days it is discouraging but I know it’s worth being an open book.

Then every few weeks you get the total opposite side of the spectrum. Someone does reach out. And they do so in a big way.

Don’t be shy about sharing your story. Someone needs to hear it.


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