It ended up being… the best.

Rented a 7,000 square foot private lodge in Park City and posted an open invite online. Friends flew into Utah from Colorado, Georgia, and Florida.

Short on words. “Best party ever,” maybe?

Had two clients that I do business with come out. Was the first time I met some in person… and they flew across the country to come hang. ❤️

Other old friends that I haven’t seen since Jr. High came out. A good friend from my radio days DJ’d. Was basically a night club just for friends.

Even had deer in the yard and a moose at the steps nearly walk into the front entrance.

Tons of friends. No drama. Pure love. Danced all night and woke up again with my beautiful wife next to me.

Just amazing that so many people from such different backgrounds all come together and hang until 2 am in the morning like everyone has known all the other for their whole life.

Even hired a film crew…

For how far I’ve come in the last decade building an international marketing team doing SEO for Shark Tank featured businesses to mom and pops, and billion dollar NBA teams

… 40’s nothing. I’m just getting started.  Who is coming with me?

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