59,744 reasons…

Nothing wrong with paid ads… except you’re always paying for them.

Would you rather spend $2-5k a month on paid ads for a few dozen leads? Or would you rather use search engine optimization (non-paid traffic) to:

  • get 59,744 visitors in LESS than a year
  • have several dozen leads per month or sales per day instead of only a few from paid ads
  • have BETTER leads/sales because these customers have BUYER INTENT because they searched for your thing instead of having a paid ad interrupt them and maybe get their attention
  • as your leads INCREASE your return on investment becomes CHEAPER because your monthly rate stays the same (no varying ad budget!)
  • you don’t have to constantly worry about your ads getting shut down… because there are no ads

“But SEO takes forever…”

Psssh… Like you didn’t spend the same few months burning money on paid ads that it took to double this (better) traffic that cost ZERO in paid ads.

Call me crazy, but I like less expensive, higher quality, more sustainable customers, and so do my clients.

SEO traffic increase

SEO traffic increase