Had a lead that cancelled our appointment back in February. Guess who just called asking to revisit from wasting half a year to realize you get what you pay for?

I posted back then how if he couldn’t wait four days for the next opening then I was glad he self-selected himself out.

If someone can’t wait four days, how could they be expected to be patient over months of working together?

They called today and wasn’t happy with the results of “the faster guy.” Now that he’s looking for “the best” and done a lot of “good SEO” with people from Fiverr, asked if I can pick up from here and make up the lost time and do 12 months of SEO in five?

Then guess who accidentally purposely increased the proposal rate to offset the high maintenance?  And when he asked for a discount because he’s a friend of a friend, guess who declined the engagement entirely?

There is no amount of money I’d take to work with someone like that.

Value your time or others will walk all over you.