My parents divorced when I was two.

While I lived with my mom post-divorce, the more I age the more I appreciate the sacrifices that my dad made.

When I was somewhere around eight, my mom re-married to an abusive alcoholic. I grew up in it, and so did my six younger siblings.

We moved several times a year up until I was mid-teens, and the ramifications of growing up an alcoholic environment are real. But I pulled myself out that drama filled wasteland on my own as a teenager and haven’t looked back since.

First one to go to college, paid my way myself one semester at a time. And I dropped out with one semester left to pursue what I do now.

You go to college to hope for an opportunity. For me, I saw opportunity right in front of me in the infancy of my web design days… so I went for it.

That design background transitioned into doing digital marketing. In 2007 I took that experience and founded SEO National and continue to work with Shark Tank featured businesses, NBA teams, billion dollar brands, all the way down to mom and pops.

My parents divorced when I was two.

I built my business from the ground up.  I did it so I could have stability; stable career, stable income, stability for my family, roots for my kids.

Fate can take a hike. Good or bad, no one will save you. Own your circumstances.  Everything I’m proud of, I earned it.