Mother’s Day is both sentimental and commercial, with businesses riding the crest of the Mother’s Day wave to increase their profits.

Mothers Day Advertising Ideas

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If you own a retail business, there’s still time to capitalize on Mother’s Day sales opportunities. Here are a few ideas:

  • Send a promotional email – Send promotional emails to your customer list informing them of products that you offer that would make a great gift for Mother’s Day. Send your emails close enough to the holiday that people will be thinking of Mother’s Day but early enough to allow time for delivery.
  • Run a contest on Facebook – Social media is crazy about contests. You may not have time for a full-blown contest with judged entries but a simple sweepstakes will do.
  • Create a Mother’s Day board on Pinterest – User-generated content has a high following. You can source content from your audience through Pinterest. Ask followers to submit their favorite photo of their mother.
  • Start a Twitter hashtag – Try something related to #MothersDay2017 on Twitter and use the momentum it generates to boost your business.
  • Promote fast shipping on your online store – Many people shop at the last minute. Set yourself apart from the competition by offering same day or next day delivery options.
  • Post a gift guide – Help your audience by posting a Mother’s Day gift guide on your website. Include your products in the guide.
  • Do a little good in the world – Make philanthropy part of your Mother’s Day celebration by helping organizations that support women. Inform your customers about what your business is doing to support women. Encourage them to join in.
  • Create visual posts that followers can share – Generate Mother’s Day images that can be shared across your social media accounts. Associate your business with the visual posts.
  • Run a ‘bring your mom’ promotion in your store – Encourage customers to bring their mothers to your store in order to receive big discounts on Mother’s Day.
  • Feature employee families – Appeal to the emotions of your followers by posting pictures of your employees’ families on Instagram. This puts a human face on your company.

A little creativity in your promotional efforts could help drive up your sales on Mother’s Day.

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