I’m going to talk about money today.

Probably not the way you think, but I want to talk about money being blind.

And what I mean by that is…

I like networking.  I do a lot of engagement on LinkedIn and a lot of engagement on Facebook.

Part of that engagement is that I hit up successful entrepreneurs and I say “Hey, do you want to go meet, grab a coffee, and no agenda whatsoever?  I don’t want to pitch you on anything.  Just chat.  That’s it.  Let’s see where the conversation goes.”

And what’s really cool about it is that everybody lets down their guard and I end up having awesome conversations.

I think we’re so detached from actual interaction, especially with social media, that when you find a genuine conversation it’s exciting and you kind of become vulnerable and you want to talk.

And so you have these really cool engagements.

But, the money side of things…

What’s interesting is as I meet with these successful entrepreneurs, with founders of high profile companies, CEOs at major businesses, just really top quality types of people that you want to meet with… What’s funny is when you just meet with them out of the context of business, there’s been a couple times where some guy can walk in and the dude’s in shorts, a tank top, flip flops, and straggly hair.

I don’t know very much about these people because even when I meet them on LinkedIn I just want the conversation.

So I don’t go run all their bio information, don’t do a background check, I don’t check them out.

I just want to meet some people and network.

So a lot of times these people show up when we get chat and -holy cow- there’s this huge person and they give you their success story from the last 20 years, 40
years, how they built small businesses, cashed out, made some exist, made some big plays, made some big investments, etc.

These people are loaded andt hey’re just in casual clothes and it’s awesome.

And that’s what I mean when you start engaging with people or when you look around your work space, or just on the street, or at the store, you don’t know who’s around you and that’s exciting.

I think it’s cool to know that you don’t have to live up to certain expectations.

I’ll probably screw this quote up but I saw a funny meme the other day and it’s totally true. It basically says something like:

“Everybody thinks that the successful person is in the suit and tie until you find out that the suit and tie guy works for the guy that wears sweats.”

It’s true.  Once you reach a certain point in your career you don’t feel obligated to impress people and you don’t feel the necessity to do anything more than what makes you happy.

Then your style, your clothes, whatever, all becomes about comfort.

And that’s awesome.

Keep being you and no matter where you are at in your career you’re going to become who you are anyway.  Why not embrace it now and enjoy the ride?