Milestones and Doubters

This week, I hit a milestone.  A goal that I set for myself a long time ago. One that I knew would take time. Years, at the least.

I don’t know the exact date that I made a joke, commenting about an “unrealistic” goal. But I do remember the exact moment that a friend’s reply, equally joking, got me thinking, “why not do this for real?”

I was in the living room of me and my wife’s first home, and I had just started SEO National.  It was a one-man-show back then, and being in my mid-20’s, that was pretty cool. But that night, a friend’s “ha ha” reply triggered wider eyes for me as a young entrepreneur.

13’ish years later, I’ve fulfilled that personal goal. But that’s not the main point of my post.

Life is funny.  Ironically, the same day I accomplished this goal, I received a message from my biggest doubter. I haven’t heard from them in years.  This is the first time that I’ve mentioned this goal in forever, so their contact on THE day of accomplishment was true irony.  What are the chances that out of a 4,700+ day journey, I am reminded of that doubter on the final day?

To some, proving a doubter wrong would be icing on the cake. But I felt more sad. Not for me, but for them.  I don’t understand the mindset of not supporting others. I hope everyone can pursue something that makes them feel rewarded.

In this perfect opportunity to impress others or feel accomplished in proving someone wrong, my humility makes me feel best. That’s why I’m not sharing what the accomplishment was or giving insight to the doubter, because the only person you should feel the need to constantly impress is yourself.

Milestones and Doubters