I have 33 team members at SEO National. Note “team” and not “employees,” because I care about them well past just their company contributions.

Half of them are in the states and the other half are overseas. US lockdowns are nothing compared to there. They’ve basically been stuck in small living quarters with little-to-no-yard, zero freedoms and not allowed to go anywhere for more than a year… with no sign of their government easing up.

One of my priorities over the last year+ has been my team’s mental stability. No one says anything, but as a leader you just know.

At our team meeting the other day I asked if I can support anyone’s sanity by paying for at-home entertainment, Netflix, Disney+, Prime, workout equipment, whatever. I’d asked this half a dozen times in the past few months with no takers. But with new lockdown enforcements… again… it stuck this time.

Then, these messages today…

thank you


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