I rarely do nothing.  It’s a blessing and a curse.

Blessing part:

I greatly attribute my success to always thinking.

  • What can I learn?
  • What can I do better for customers?
  • What process can my team at SEO National improve?
  • What fun, new ways can I entertain my kids today?

Curse part:

Running an international search engine optimization company means that having a mind free from thought is a foreign concept to me.  I strive to make the most out of every minute, maximizing work + family time. Daily routine that looks like this:

  • 5 am: wake up
  • 5:15: organize the days priorities
  • 5:30: reply to social media messages from SEO leads
  • 5:45: practice foreign language lesson while stretching
  • 6: workout
  • 7-8:30: family time
  • 8:30: walk kids to school
  • 9 am – 5 pm: work
  • 5 pm+ is family time

Most days are a constant thought train.  Even if it’s the evening and I’m watching cartoons with the kids, my mind is always in motion.  Don’t act like you don’t zone out after the 57th re-run of Paw Patrol, or Beyblades, or Pokemon, or Captain Underpants, or whatever it is.

There is an exception though.  When I’m reading with my kids and they lay on my chest and melt into my arms.  Everything stops. I have a clear mind. Free from thought. Full of love. Soaking it all in.

It’s like in the LEGO movie when Morgan Freeman’s Vitruvius character enters Emmet’s mind and he says “your mind is already so prodigiously empty…”

That empty (in a good way). That clear.  And that moment of clarity is a wonderful feeling.  Calming. Fulfilling…

I just used the LEGO movie to make an analogy of how clear my mind is.  I think I’ll stop there for the day. 😆

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