Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

As I call it a night and look at this pile of boxes from putting in new floors, it’s a good reminder of how much more productive you can be by managing your energy and not your time.

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

Today I…

  • put in 5 hours towards ripping out carpet and adding new hardwood flooring
  • proofread two chapter drafts in my upcoming SEO book
  • interviewed a potential new team member
  • had a follow up call with a recently added team member
  • launched a new SEO client
  • migrated another client’s website to a new host
  • finished 35 other tasks in my logbook (see pic below)

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

I try and start my day with the hardest thing first. Get it over with and then you can be less stressed and more productive.

After that I go for a quantities game by knocking out as many fast or easy tasks as possible. Feels rewarding checking off a bunch of tasks.

That rewarding feeling gets you in a good rhythm to keep on truckin’ through the mid-day burnout.

After a productive day like today I knew after work that I’d be tired to take on hours doing floors. But I also knew that I’d have just enough energy to start. And that’s all I needed.

More often than not, just starting is the hardest part of accomplishing what you want.

Ask any moderately successful person and I’ll bet that 9 out of 10 of them will say that a moment in their career where productivity dramatically increased was shortly after they found their rhythm in managing their energy… not their time.