When I married my wife 12 years ago it was because I thought I couldn’t love anyone more than her. She was in her early 20’s, kind, and beyond attractive.

But I was wrong, and things change.

14 years ago is when I met my wife.  We were engaged after a year and a half of dating, then married another year later.  We were married for five years before we had our first kid. And that’s when things changed.

After three kids, sleepless nights, and endless stories, you become a different person. Who you love and who loves you changes, too.  And now I love a new woman.

  • She’s more beautiful than my 23 year old girlfriend.
  • Provides more future to look forward to than my 24 year old fiance.
  • She’s more of everything than the 25 year old woman that I married more than a decade ago.

She’s my kids’ mother.  🥰

  • She’s proven to be kind to a fault in the 14 years I’ve been dating her.
  • She’s more attractive than ever.
  • And genuinely supports me with 110% of her faith, even if she has no clue what I’m talking about or attempting to accomplish. 😆

This type of comfort and stability is something that I hope you are equally fortunate to experience in your life.

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