$100,000,000+ client.  Loves paid ads. Loves hype’y flashy bro-marketing.

But SEO is slow. It’s boring. After the employee that signed us took a job at a different company, they turned a blind eye to the SEO progress we were delivering.

We’d send updates on their positions on Google, no replies.  We’d send updates on traffic, no replies.

Think they figured, “Eh, they’re only here because the former manager signed them.”  Until they looked at the results on their own. Then they saw the traffic.

More importantly, they saw the conversions.  They saw the money.

  • Organic traffic driving 257% more conversions than the golden child of paid ads.
  • 360% more than direct/branded clicks.
  • 3,600% more than email.

Now they’re all in.

Loud, charismatic marketers can tell you all they want. But numbers don’t lie.

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