Been in this house for over a decade. It’s a 4,300 sq ft house, 6 bedroom, 4 bath, and we bought it with only one 11 month old kid.

Got a few hater comments about that size house for that size family when we bought it.

While the house was expensive back then, now you can’t event rent a two bedroom apartment for what my mortgage was on this. And, it’s equity is now nearly 3/4 of a million dollars.  But that’s the difference between short-term and long-term thinkers.

A few years into starting SEO National, income was up and was fortunate enough to look for a new house for our growing family, so my wife and I started window shopping.  When we were shopping houses I asked my her, “Can we make this our forever home?”

I moved all the time as a kid, sometimes more than once a year, giving nowhere roots.  Buying this place was intentional. Was thinking long-term.  Two more kids later, and we now fill out this six bedroom home:

  1. kid
  2. kid
  3. kid
  4. office
  5. master
  6. guest room

Now my kids have roots. They have stability. This is the only house they’ve known, and will ever know.

Most people are stuck in the past. Struggling in the present. Few thinking about the future. Let alone understanding your future.

Never had to make a judgement call between comfort or affordability in the multiple crazy real estate markets that have come and gone over that decade+, with the kids never knowing the difference.

Screw the haters.  Delayed gratification is a gift.  Never feel obligated to justify your long-term visions.

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