Mexico > Utah > Florida, within 18 hours.

Four days with my wife at a 5 Diamond beach front resort in Cancun.  Flew home, napped, now off to Miami.  Two days with my kids to see their soccer idol Messi play our home team RSL.

Messi is playing in the US for only one year, and wasn’t a chance I’d miss taking my kids to see the smiles on their faces.

There are no rules to this game.  It’s amazing when you realize life’s blank canvas is yours to paint.

  • I’ve given my wife comforts and freedom.
  • I’ve given my kids, and their kid’s kids a chance.
  • I broke generational addictions.
  • I broke from generational poverty.
  • I chose to not allow toxicity in my life.
  • I reset history for the Burton name.

Because I made a choice, and so can you.

It’s not bragging. It’s pride.  Motivation is a gift. And if you think otherwise, enjoy misery.

I’m proud as hell at what I’ve accomplished.  Inspiring people, including yourself, is a responsibility.

You don’t have to tolerate the rat race, that place, or that person.  Not saying it’s easy to break the cycles you were born into.  Not saying it’s fast.

But it is worth it.

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