I have no problem paying team members and investing in them to grow, learn, get better, then leave me…

My audio/video lead recently moved to Australia to pursue continued education in media at a school he respected.

This is his 5th year with me. Been personally rewarding watching him:

  • Grow from part timer into full time.
  • Full time to hiring team members to support him.
  • Taking those team members and building a division that he’d lead.
  • Encouraging him to follow his passions, do scary things, move if he felt like moving, and take risks.

Eventually, his skillset will be more valuable than the role I can give him. When that happens, I told him he’ll consider looking for a new job. I encouraged him to do so and to not feel bad when that time comes.

Of course, I don’t want him to leave. But I want my team to be the best versions of themselves, even if I don’t benefit.

The long-term personal reward in playing a small part in others winning outpaces the short-term losses of the day they leave.

Just want people to win and be happy.


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