It’s okay to start something new.  It’s okay to stop something old.

I’m confident that a big part of my success stems from being comfortable changing direction.

  • I started college, but never finished because I had started a website that was taking off and took a radio job.
  • The website that was taking off was Elite Rides, a car enthusiast message board, but Facebook killed message board engagement.
  • I had the “dream job” of many while working on-air in radio, but knew I wouldn’t do it forever.
  • I combined my radio experience and love for music and started a website called VIP Nights that got me into concerts and clubs for free. But nights in smoke-filled clubs grew old fast so I shut it down.
  • I took my web design and marketing experience and worked for a millionaire with a mansion and a Lamborghini, but it was the most toxic place.


I’ve had many “perfect” and “once in a lifetime” jobs, but they weren’t right for me. And I was okay with that. That gave me freedom to make the next move.

I loved all of these opportunities. They were exactly that, opportunities. Despite any negative that came with the territory, I took the positive to mold my next career decision.

I “dated” my jobs until I found the career I wanted to be with forever, then I “married” it.

It’s okay to change direction.

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