It's Official. I'm the Best Boss!

At least, according to my SEO team.

The funny thing is, I don’t really know what I do differently. I just follow a principle – support those who support you.  I strive to be more of a “leader” than a “boss,” but we have the same goal in mind.

More than delegating tasks and measuring productivity, leadership is also:

  • Checking in on your team
  • Being empathetic
  • Looking after their growth
  • Recognizing their efforts

I’m the guy who assigns, guides, and checks that things are going well.

  • Who runs the wheels? My team.
  • Who works so I can focus on managing? My team.
  • Who trusts me as I decide on the company’s progress? My team.

So why should they get left behind?  If the business is moving forward, the team is moving forward with me.

Beyond bringing transparency and building relationships with SEO clients, I also see to it that my team is constantly recognized and running flawlessly.  It’s different when minds work together compared to setting a plan and telling everyone to follow it. That’s the difference between a boss and a leader.

As I expect them to do their work timely and efficiently, they also expect me to look after them. And looking after is a lot different than paying and micro-managing them.

  • I give them the freedom. They give me great output on time.
  • I give them flexibility. They give me excellence.

It’s trust on a two-way street.