This is why I bust my ass, putting everything online, sharing my experiences in life, business, family, giving away free marketing advice.  It’s not for me. It’s for messages like this. To make a positive impact on the world.

positive impact

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If you will ACTUALLY DO THE WORK and commit to improving your life, I’ll give you all the free time I got without expecting a thing in return.

Read above again with this perspective…

I will outwork YOU on YOUR projects for YOUR benefit without asking for anything in return if I believe you will make good use of it to improve your life.

This dude is in a 3rd world country and the courage it takes to message a stranger… that’s the validation I need to know he won’t waste my time. Him and I are getting on Zoom in the upcoming days.

I never fully know who I reach, so messages like this are valuable to me. If I’m willing to put in the work to support you, least you could do is support yourself.

Put the excuses down, get up, make it happen.

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