Today I was asked, “In everything that we pursue, there’s always a downside. Do you believe that? For example, successful musicians neglect time with their family.”

In recent years I’ve realized that there are two levels of time maximization, not one.

The first is maximizing time in general. You only get so many hours in a day. Are you being productive with those hours, or are you watching TV and binging on social media?

That’s level one of time maximization; being productive.

And there are plenty of successful business people that squeeze every last minute out of the day. But, they suck at the second level of time management; EFFICIENTLY maximizing time.

You can be productive all day… but were you well balanced in that productivity?

I can appreciate some people going all in on business and having ginormous dreams, yet feeling like they’re letting memories with their family slip by. I can also appreciate someone committing to only family, then feeling like they let a business opportunity slip by.

Is balancing a skill that is more dominant in certain personalities? I don’t know. Maybe.

But I 100% believe that it is possible to balance both family and time, and to grow your business and memories parallel.

balancing time

A watch from my wife. “Damon, I love you today as I have from the start. And I’ll love you forever with all of my heart.”

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