Don’t plan on dying anytime soon, but what’s wrong with talking about it…

What good is success if you can’t continually support future-you and your family?  I’ve seen families tore apart when someone pass. It’s never sat right with me. So, instead of buying a car or two, or whatever… bought an 8 person burial garden… FOR MY WHOLE FAMILY.

They’ll be able to make their own decisions. Hopefully, we can be with our kids and grand kids when the next chapter comes, but what a peace of mind for the future.

  • What a gift for my kids to relieve them from future financial and emotional weight.
  • When the emotional time comes to care about mom and dad, they’re taken care of.
  • When the emotional time comes for my kids’ kids to care about them, they’re taken care of.

Just so cool to know they’re taken care of. Their peace of mind is my peace of mind. Plus, we get a rad bench that says “BURTON” 😆

burial plot

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