Build up your team. Paying into their continued growth is not an expense, it’s an investment.

Beyond the obvious investment that it continues to increase their skillset and better support customers, it’s also an investment in their personal appreciation for their job. I want team members that love what they do, so any time they want to learn something new I’m all about it.

At 9:54 am my designer messaged me about a Udemy course he wanted to take.

Took me a minute or two to finish what I was working on to read it.

  • By 9:56’ish I read his message.
  • 9:57 I was on Udemy.
  • 9:58 I began buying his course, no questions asked.
  • 9:59 I input my credit card number incorrectly
  • 10:00 I tried again. 😆

Six minutes, a few bucks, priceless long-term benefits.

invest in your team

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