People are taking back control or standing up for labor they love and work conditions the believe in.

Are all of them right? Definitely not. But the movement is a beautiful thing.

The part I find fascinating in the movement is people seeking who they are. Where they belong. What drives them. What gives them inner peace.

❓Is it more money or more freedom?

❓Is it more social media followers or more time with family?

Sad times when politics makes one side believe that business is the enemy. Entrepreneurs are the ones driving innovation. Entrepreneurs are the ones that start charities. Entrepreneurs are the ones that give back… because they’ve been there.

This pic is at an event at Vivint Arena. Guy on far left is Dan Fleyshman, the gentleman that put on the event. Few years back he was the youngest person to ever take a company public.

entrepreneur stereotypes

He paid untold amounts to rent out an arena, then invited entrepreneurs for free. F R E E. Then invited two dozen men and women to rotate in panels to talk about different business topics.

That’s what I love about most entrepreneurs that win. They want to bring others up, too.

One guy just sold his business for 9 figures. That’s at least this many zeros:


Every time I go to a mastermind, the super successful are always the most informal, often most under-dressed. They’re comfortable in their own skin. They have nothing to prove to anybody.

Everyone looks at the people in suits as the ballers and bosses. But it’s always the dude in sweats that pays the guy in the suit.

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