How long did it take to increase this website’s traffic from 7k visitors to 26,000 per day?

2 months.

SEO increase organic visitors

When my SEO team launches a new client campaign we start by breaking down their website’s design and structure.

  • Not content.
  • Not backlinks.

Both of which are important.  But you can have all the links and tons of great content that won’t do much if the site they’re sitting on is 💩.

Google rewards websites that make Google look good. What’s that mean?

Search engines are less likely to send a lead to your website if it loads slow, had broken pages, or poor design, because that makes Google look bad for recommending it.  When you dial in your website so it loads quick, and fix all the little things that are too easily overlooked… boom, nearly instantly amplifies your existing + future content, and everything else to drive huge gains in a shorter period.

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