I was shocked.

Another humbling lesson about less being more.

Not surprisingly, my kids taught it to me.

Just came back from taking the family to San Diego for the weekend.

It’s been a long summer of SEO book writing and new client launches.

Me and the family needed a break.

There we were at the beach.

Kids running around, having fun.

We enjoyed the sand in our toes for an hour or two before we grabbed a bite to eat.

After food I was excited to go back to the beach.

The kids? They wanted to go to the hotel.

They wanted to swim at the pool.

So we did.

And we ended up staying poolside for the rest of the vacation.

In those moments swimming the kids were having infinitely more fun than at the beach.

Cannon balls, being thrown in the air, and diving for grapes that someone, maybe or maybe not me, was throwing into the pool.

We really didn’t have to ask. It was obvious. But we asked anyway.

We asked the kids why they preferred the pool over the hotel.

“The beach is cool, but you can’t swim in it.”

And this morning, back from vacation and taking my oldest into school, I asked him…

“Next time we have a you and me day, would you rather fly to the beach or just stay in our city and go to a pool?”

His eyes got big.

“Stay in our city?… and go to a pool?… that sounds awesome!”

Staycations it is.

In life, just like in marketing, the simplest approaches are often the most effective.


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