In 11 years I've never had an employee quit... until now.

In 11 years I had never had an employee quit.  That changed today.  Two weeks ago my “number two” right-hand man put in his notice.  Today is their first day at their new job.  I couldn’t be happier.  Not because I’m glad they’re gone.  Because I’m happy for their opportunity.

My # 2 was (still is) a good friend of mine.  Before me he worked in manual labor.  He had next to no experience in SEO.  Over the years he had been part of my company growing ~50% year-over-year some years.  I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in someone’s growth.

He wasn’t looking for a new job.  But through random introductions, and him advising another group, he was presented with the opportunity.  With much respect between us, he asked my opinion.  He asked my opinion as a friend. Not as his boss.  I told him to take it.  They offered him a near equally flexible schedule. But with an increase in pay.  There was no good reason I could give him not to take it.

I hope I have the same opportunity to shortchange myself more in the future by helping others on my team grow so they’re given unexpected opportunities.  It means that as my company grows, boss-Damon sees my team grow.  And as my team grows, friend-Damon wants nothing but the best for my team of friends.

Good luck, # 2.

In 11 years I've never had an employee quit... until now.

Joke dead flowers I sent #2. Misspelling of “you’re” was not me. Totally the flower guy.