I'm retiring

I spend more time with my kids than most, but I want more.

I aim to retire by 40.  That’s in less than 3 years.

This hasn’t been a long-term desire.  It’s a fairly recent pursuit.  The idea of not maximizing my once-in-a-lifetime window where all my kids still think I’m cool gets to me some times.

  • I block off my calendar every day so I can walk them to school.
  • I don’t (usually) work evenings.
  • I don’t (usually) work weekends.

40 years old also aligns with when my oldest turns 10.  40 and 10 make for a perfect target of retiring so that I can spend even more time with all of my kids while they’re all still little’ish.

I'm retiring

Damon Burton

Am I close to making it happen?

Not on paper.

Am I on track in other ways?


This year I’ve been working on an SEO book and launching an online SEO course to help my already successful business.

If I pull it off, I probably wouldn’t call it quits. I’d probably more semi-retire.

Work is a hobby to me. I enjoy entrepreneurship.

Working in a way that my kids didn’t think I worked sounds ideal.

M-F, something like 10am -2pm, after they leave for school and off before they come home.

They’d never even know.