March 2020 was the only moment the recession impacted my business.  SEO National had one client cancel (tourism industry) and two reduce budget. Everyone else was all in on me and my team to keep generating revenue for them. And we did.

Not only were we blessed to not take a hit… we grew. A LOT!  Those three “losses” were offset by 7 new clients the same month. 😳

Then four more. Then more….

I’ve doubled the size of my team from 14 to 30, and 2021 months are averaging 50% over last year’s records, with no sign of business slowing.

SEO growth

One of the new team members I hired was to do lead gen for SEO National, which I’ve never done before. But the referrals are still consistent so I told her to NOT DO LEAD GEN! At least not just yet. 😆 So she’s helping with content strategies for our search engine marketing clients as we scale.

Crazy part is that this has all been accomplished without a single dollar spent on ads.

Not only are we growing, but the three clients that had to pause have all turned their SEO campaigns back on full throttle, and one even doubled their original budget + brought a second account. Because I held their hand and didn’t leave them hanging when it mattered most.

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