The attached reply was to a post I made about how now is the best time to start a business due to volatile economy, unstable labor force, and on and on…

start a business


I’d say nearly the exact opposite.

I think we need to be more honest that:

1) we shouldn’t always focus on the negative aspects of entrepreneurship, instead focusing on the opportunities, and

2) the pandemic made it clear that 9-5’s are little-to-no less stable than entrepreneurship. Did we already forget record layoffs just one year ago? Especially in the wake of a likely recession.

Who said entrepreneurship was easy or for everyone?

One post encouraging others doesn’t dilute the challenges ahead nor mean that career opportunities is a zero-sum game and “everyone must be an entrepreneur.”

But why would you not shine a light on the positive?

There’s risk in everything, but it doesn’t lessen the truth that there’s great opportunity for those interested.